Water is the elixir of life, without which no living organism on Earth can live. It is very important that this water meets all the norms and standards that apply to drinking water, as it must not only quench thirst, but also guarantee health.

   As you know, unsatisfactory water quality today is found not only in cities, but also in villages where there is no water supply, and people have been accustomed to using wells for centuries. Therefore, it is not surprising that filters for water purification are widely used, which reduce the amount of chemical elements that exceed the norm, eliminate odors and turbidity, stabilize water hardness and much more. Such water filters ensure that the water you consume every day is not only safe for health, but brings benefits and saturation of the body with useful elements that a person should receive with a daily norm of drinking water. Therefore, the PR-Aqua company offers you unique equipment for water purification, which will thoroughly purify natural and tap water from iron, turbidity, manganese, odors, chlorine, and other harmful substances that often exceed the maximum allowable rate.

    Water purification from iron and other impurities is carried out using the unique and highly efficient Deferum unit, which not only purifies the structure of tap water, but also the structure of underground and river waters. Such a water purification system can be successfully used both for home use and for industrial purposes. PR-Aqua offers three types of automatic Deferum installations, which can be selected depending on your needs and wishes. Deferum is an economically beneficial and healthy system, where water purification from a well or a water supply system is carried out automatically and guarantees complete water purification.

Water treatment - industrial water treatment systems.

    It’s no secret that the water treatment plants used today for water purification are not able to provide the population of the city with good quality water, since they are either very old and no longer fulfill their functions, or are not used at all. Therefore, residents of many settlements have to independently deal with the problem of the lack of clean drinking water. PR-Aqua is ready to provide another way out of this situation, and offers its reagent-free automatic station of the container type Diferum – 1500 m3. Such a system is used for the purification of underground and surface waters, and the water purified with the help of such a station can be used for household and drinking purposes.

    Our Deferum -1500 m3 water purification station easily cleans water from iron and other chemical elements, odor, color, turbidity, and also disinfects water and removes bacteria, which is not possible with any advertised filter. Such a system is capable of fully meeting the need for water for all residents of the city, who will finally be able to use clean and healthy water. The system itself is very economical in terms of the use of electricity, and is able to regulate the volume of water purification, depending on consumption, and also has a convenient and simple control system, which, if necessary, can be performed from a mobile phone. Industrial water purification systems such as Deferum – 1500 m3 can also be easily used in the most challenging climatic zones, such as African countries with hot and dry climates, or regions of the Far North with record low temperatures.

    Water purification using the Deferum system – 1500 m3 is carried out automatically, and all purification parameters are fully adjustable, which allows you to obtain water of such a chemical composition that is most acceptable and necessary for you, which makes such a system useful and irreplaceable under any conditions and in any regions.

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