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Unique artesian water purification system
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Unique artesian water purification system
Applicable for:
Boiler rooms
Boiler room
The advantages of our installations:
Types of pollution Index Before After
Iron mg/l 30 and more 0.10
Manganese mg/l 1.5 0.05
Turbidity mg/l 30 To the absence
Hydrogen sulfide mg/l 1.0 To the absence
Ammonia mg/l 5 To the absence
Arsenic mg/l 1.0 0.01
Smell score 4 1
Dissolved gas ions % - decrease
Permang, oxidizability mg/l - decrease
Fluorine - decrease
Chromaticity grad - decrease
Other pollution - decrease
Purification of natural water or additional purification of tap water: in periodic or continuous mode of water consumption
  • Opening / closing the water in the tap is all that the owner does.
  • There is always a supply of clean water for large water consumption, or we will install an additional reservoir of clean water.
  • One unit can be used for 2 or more cottages.
  • Reagent-free water purification without harm to the septic tank.
  • No consumables needed at all and never.
  • Installations are adapted for the implementation of objects of varying complexity.
  • Deferum plants have a Ukrainian certificate, which states that the treated water meets the requirements of the Drinking Water standard.
The principle of cleaning "Deferum"
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Our production
"Deferum 05" semi-automatic flushing
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"Deferum 05" automatic flushing
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"Deferum 100"
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Container station
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We make to order, from polypropylene 5 mm thick, additional reservoirs for clean water (hereinafter referred to as RFW), adapted to DEFERUM installations, to increase the volume / stock of clean water for salvo analysis.
Volume one Volume two
Note: These additional RFIs do not require additional pumps or controls. All you need is already in DEFERUM! Water from additional RFV is supplied for consumption by the existing pump at the installation.
With additional RFI, the mode and principle of operation of the DEFERUM does not change, only the supply of clean water increases.
Custom production of containers, tanks, reservoirs made of polypropylene. You can order any non-standard containers, tanks, reservoirs, etc. Made of polypropylene sheet, designed for storage and transportation of various liquids (drinking water, alcohol, oil, alkali, waste water, feces, diesel fuel, sulfuric acid, pesticides), as well as bulk materials. The manufactured products are widely used in the conditions of individual, industrial construction, in the food and chemical industries of construction, and the arrangement of household plots.

Water filters

Water is the elixir of life, without which no living organism on Earth can live. It is very important that this water meets all the norms and standards that apply to drinking water, as it must not only quench thirst, but also guarantee health. As you know, unsatisfactory water quality today is found not only in cities, but also in villages where there are no water pipes, and people have been accustomed to using wells for centuries. Therefore, it is not surprising that filters for water purification are widely used, which reduce the amount of chemical elements that exceed the norm, eliminate odors and turbidity, stabilize water hardness and much more. Such water filters ensure that the water you consume every day is not only safe for health, but brings benefits and saturation of the body with useful elements that a person should receive with a daily norm of drinking water. Therefore, PR-Aqua offers you unique equipment for water purification, which will thoroughly purify natural and tap water from iron, turbidity, manganese, odors, chlorine, and other harmful substances, which often exceed the maximum permissible rate. Water purification from iron and other impurities is carried out using the unique and highly efficient Deferum unit, which not only purifies the structure of tap water, but also the structure of underground and river waters. Such a water purification system can be successfully used both for home use and for industrial purposes. PR-Aqua offers three types of automatic Deferum installations, which can be selected depending on your needs and wishes. Deferum is an economically beneficial and healthy system, where water purification from a well or a water supply system is carried out automatically, and guarantees complete water purification.
Feedback from our clients
Добрый день. Покупали у Вас установку очистки Деферум 05 для дома. Очень довольны, вода стала мягче и вкуснее. Спасибо за Ваш труд.
Здравствуйте. Не совсем приятно когда хочешь выпить чашечку кофе, а в офисе закончилась чистая вода. Поэтому и решили заказать у Вас установку для очистки воды. И мы не прогадали. Теперь у нас кофе очень вкусный и главное всегда...
Очень хотела написать вам несколько слов, так как вижу что пишут другие. Жить в городе и готовить с водопроводной воды это не очень хорошо. Никто не знает как ее чистят и через какие трубы она течет. После установки Вашей системы я стала спать спокойно, зная что наши дети пьют чистую воду. Спасибо.
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