If you are a Dealer, write us an e-mail or call
Direct question, on the case:
— What are your suggestions?
— What are your expectations for a business with a manufacturer?
Our offers to Dealer:
  1. If the Dealer (legal entity), then:
  • The manufacturer sells Deferum water treatment plants to the dealer at the factory price (that is, with a favorable dealer discount) for the dealer to work independently with the customers.
  • The manufacturer provides monetary guarantees.
  • The manufacturer provides technical advice and training to the Dealer.
  • The manufacturer provides the supply of components to the Dealer’s warehouse for servicing his customers.
  • The manufacturer helps the dealer to increase sales and fast service.
  1. If the Dealer (individual), then:
  • Dealer will find customers and fulfill manufacturer’s contracts with customers.
  • The manufacturer pays the dealer’s salary for each unit sold by the dealer.


The manufacturer will fulfill, together with the dealer, his first contract with the client: i.e., show, tell, teach, support.
We are waiting from a potential Dealer:


  1. Personal meeting in Rivne: (at the manufacturer’s office), as well as to get acquainted with the production and the actual operation of Deferum plants in Rivne, in order to then agree on the intentions of the Parties, i.e.:
  • Subject of agreement of the Parties
  • Tasks for solutions
  • Joint action plan
  • Expected results for Parties
  1. The result of a personal meeting:
  • We’ll get a new dealer
  • The dealer will gain the manufacturer and a competitive advantage for his independent business. This will help establish a strong, mutually beneficial and open relationship between the dealer and the manufacturer.
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