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Water purification station


  1.  Reagent-free purification of artesian water for household and drinking consumption. (deferrization, removal of iron, odor, color, turbidity and other contaminants).
  2.  Reagent purification of river surface water for household and drinking consumption (removal of iron, color, turbidity and other contaminants.

Artesian water purification technology:

Pump in the well → Air degassing → Contact filtration → Pump for consumption
River surface water treatment technology:
Water intake → Reagent dosing and Contact filtration → Pump for consumption



To change the quality of water treatment; there is a technological recycle of water for the purpose of additional purification and / or additional purification of water, up to the required parameters, as well as for heating the “ice” water by several degrees.

Location of the containerized installation:

On the bypass of the customer\’s existing discharge pipeline.
Initial water pressure at the unit inlet: not less than 0.10 atm.
Purified water pressure for consumption (at design capacity): 4.0 atm.
The flushing water is discharged from the installation at a pressure of 1.0 atm. Therefore, the installation can be located below ground level.
Installation flushing frequency: from 1 time per week to 1 time per month (at a concentration of all removed contaminants: from 40 to 5 mg / l).
Flushing water volume: up to 10 m3 in 10 minutes.
Purified water tank: 11 m3
Automatic control over the operation of the pump in the well (on / off) from the pressure sensor.
When the consumption of water for consumption changes, the consumption of electricity for water purification changes proportionally.
The main materials for the manufacture of the installation: plastic and polymers.
Thermal insulation, for use in adverse climatic conditions, including:
for the regions of the Far North
for African countries


Natural or forced ventilation of the container.
Air conditioning in the container: from the cold surface of the installation with running water.
Heating: Electric or water (from the customer\’s heat carrier)
Foundation: reinforced concrete slabs, or pile-frame base
Total specific power consumption for artesian water purification and supplying it for consumption (4 atm.): 0.58 kW / m3.
Transformer: 50 kW (380 volts), for Deferum-1500
Instrumentation and automation: Automatic control of the water treatment plant is based on replaceable logic modules with software control.
The customer is given an instruction and a laptop with a mnemonic diagram to control and / or change the parameters of the installation, if necessary: via a mobile phone.
Total specific power consumption for surface water purification and supplying it for consumption (4.0 atm): 0.25 kW / m3.
Transformer: 25 kW (380 volts) for Deferum-1500


Disinfection of purified water, if necessary: separate delivery

Unit Deferum-500 m3 / day of container type, located in a 20-foot container.

For test tests, we offer a light and mobile unit Deferum-05 m3 / h.

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