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Ready-to-use” Diferum-05

- Length: 1.1 m
- Width: 0.66 m
- Height: 1.51 m
- Weight 105kg

Unusual «Remizov installation»

For reagent free water purification

  (in a cottage, in a village, in a city)


Trademark DEFERUM-05, it means 0,5 m3/hour

Trademark DEFERUM-1, it means 1,0 m3/hour

Skype: remizov2007 


 Natural water purification or tap water post-treatment: in occasional or continuous mode of water consumption.


In "Deferum" many different contaminants adhere to micro-crystals of the magnificent natural sorbent, which is released from the treated water


Typical cases of Deferum usage:

- Artesian water (groundwater) or surface water (river water) purification

- Reagent freeremoval of iron from artesian water,

- Removal of smell of hydrogen sulfide, methane, radioactive radon

-Removal of manganese, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, turbidity

Also the following functions are possible (optional):

-Reduction of totalhardness, color, silicon, fluorine, etc.

- Water disinfection


Deferum Advantages:


• Relatively inexpensive setup (let's consider “ready-to-operate”)

• All the consumer needs to do is to open/close the water tap:

Green light (see photo) means “Everything is all right!”

Red light means - "Call the Service!"

• Does not require consumables: in general and ever!

• Reagent freewater purification, i.e. without any harm to your health!

• There is always a supply of clean water for quick water consumption;otherwise we will supply an additional pure water tank!

• Installation also can be used for two and more cottages (one has a well, the second has the installation), once Deferum-05 was sufficient for eight cottages!

• «Remizovinstallation»has the Ukrainian certificate; purified water meets the "Drinking water"standard!

• «Remizovinstallation»is adapted to the specific conditions of the Ukrainian water, business and service: satisfied customers can praise us and our "Deferum!"





*The Rivne warehouse always has five ready-to-useautomatic installations!


Anti-piracy announcement / warning:

The only manufacturer

of polypropylene automatic systems "Deferum" is

"PR-Aqua" Ltd., Rivne, Ukraine!


The ways of "Deferum"automaticsystems delivery :

- "Nova Posta" vehicles or

-Our vehicles


- Railway


We start the maintenance service during 2 hours (starting from the client’s call), i.e.: 

We search / find / train / work with local dealers in order to bring the sales / service to customers at a distance of up to 2 hours by car …

• We supply and export three types of automatic installations «Deferum»:

- Economy Class. Automatic functioning, but manual washing is required (you have to manually open / close the installation valve, once a month for example)

- Business Class. 100% automatic functioningof the installation.

- Premium class. 100% automatic functioning of the installation, tracking actual functioning of the installation through a mobile phone: "remote operator"


We are making clear water

from 0.5 m3 to 160,000 m3 per day, i.e.

froma cottage - up to a million-plus city.

“Remizov installations” have been purifying water for 20 years already


An example of visual comparison ofthe “ready-to-use” automatic installationDeferum-05 (see above):

 This picture has a typical rival “ready-to-use” installation (from China or Europe)



The quality of the artesian water and filtrate:


• The temperature of the source water:>1oC (self heating)

• pH> 6.0

• Total hardness: from 25 to 1.0 mEq / L

• Total iron: from 40 to 0.2 mg / l

• Manganese: from 0.5 to 0.05 mg / l

• Turbidity: from 50 to 1.0 mg / l

• Color: from 50 to 20 degrees

• Ammonia: from 4 to 0.5 mg / l

• Arsenic (III and V): from 1 to 0.01 mg / l

• The ions of heavy metals: up to absence

• Smell: from 4 to 2 points

• Hydrogen sulfide: up to absence

• Permanganateoxidability: decreasing

• Fluorine: decreasing

• Ferro bacteria: no limitations 

• Other pollution: reduction on actual basis



The quality of surface water and filtrate:


• Color: from 50 to 20 degrees

• Total iron: from 5 to 0.2 mg / l

• Turbidity: from 50 to 1.0 mg / l

• Other pollution: reduction on actual basis


-32 Deferum-05 installationsor 21 Deferum-1

installationswill fit in the 20-foot container.

In this case, the price of transportation will be


-We give to the dealer the phone  "Mobile Operator"







       Usually we operate as follows:


• We sell the installations to the dealer at a manufacturer's price for profitable transportation, installation, startup and service - in accordance with contract terms

• To a buyer: we sellat a price of a dealer and instruct

• Customer: send an e-mail "Questionnaire", and then our project of the agreement

• We pay negotiated commissions to the intermediaries

• With a lobbyist - a personal meeting and a memorandum


If necessary, we arrange a presentation of the functioning installation: at a client’s place, immediately!


 We can work:


• Quickly and accurately,

• With a great desire to get your recommendation and a good feedback: for other buyers, customers, dealers and lobbyists

• We consult: by phone, Skype and e-mail

Note: Our pilot installationis always ready for the tests and proving to the customer the proposed technology and equipment of large Deferum.


Polypropylene Deferumshould be placed:


-at a ground level, above or below ground level

-in a warm or a cold place or in the pit

-wash water is drained into another pit

-exhaust gases are emitted into the atmosphere comfortable "city" water usage, without thinking what is inside: somewhere, something is working …